Life on the Computer Farm: Properly Arranging My Settings for Optimal Privacy/Publicity

  A few days ago i added a blurb here inviting people to leave comments.
  Yesterday a friend told me that she tried but was unable to do so.
  This had me very worried.  Not only
do i truly want to hear from ya'll, but i have a private blog which i do not want so much as seen by the public. 
  Two blogs.  Two purposes.  Private, not for sharing, and a tell the world blog.  Never the twain should meet.
  Did the settings get mixed up?  Am i in fact required to have the same settings for both?
  Well, i went back & checked my settings.  i have no idea how they got off.  The private blog is every bit as private as i can make it - if it works the way Google says, as private as i want it - and everybody can forget that i ever mentioned it.  Please.
  And this one now once again is set so that anyone may comment.
  Please do!  And thank you!

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