How Max and i Breakfasted on National Pancake Day

aka Shrove Tuesday, 2/27/18
 Long overdue for bathroom remodeling, our handyguy Keith started at the end of February.  The first couple of days were slated to be very messy, and he recommended we be out of the house.  All day.
  So i dug out a Bob Evans coupon and we went there after music therapy.  But we didn't

WW: Enjoy The Pretty

Boom: After a movie one evening, I decided to spend a while standing on the theater's balcony admiring the view and enjoying the outdoor air. Then I realized that the view was an empty lot in an area that's still in the process of being developed. If that area was reserved for greenspace, it would be a lovely addition to the area, but there's already a park immediately around the corner, so sooner or later, there will probably be buildings there. But for now, I get to enjoy the pretty.