Behavior Tips

   i've been so busy living with the changes in my life, i haven't shared what they are.
   Max no longer has day service with Company A.  We're working on new things to do with the hours/funding.  (and i need to be finished here so i can make more telephone calls to that effect. .  .)
  Anyway, since he is no longer at the day service, his behavior consultant came by yesterday to brainstorm with us on what her place in the scheme of things now is, & some things we can do to help Max behave as we/he want(s).
  i thought i'd share this article i just came across.  While i haven't used exactly the formats the writer has, we have used all these tips.  They really do help.
Autism Speaks article: 5 Tips that Helped Improve My Child's Behavior

Holiday Guest

 It was great having Boom home for a few days over Christmas.  And those electronic gadgets are great for keeping in touch when he's DeepInnaHarta.  But i/we like these devices better when he's elsewhere.  Far elsewhere, as opposed to, he's on one floor and we and device on the other floor.
From DeepInnaHarta, they help us keep in touch, as opposed to.....