Wordless Wednesday: The Further Reaches of the Family Tree

  Among the pictures inherited from my aunt was a mid1800s album with the metal clasps worn away and barely recognizable as velvet-covered.  It shows my great-grandparents as young people, and, on the last page, is this woman.  My aunt explained

Subtle Agatha and her Subtext

  One of the joys of rereading old novels is all the things you missed before in your eagerness to get the story.  i think i mentioned the one about the fellow whom they thought had defected from England to Moscow, hoping he hadn't, in the British idiom, "gone West."
  Lately i reread one of my all-time favorites, "Cat Among the Pigeons."  The novel is somewhat more than 300 pages long.  In those pages, three women are referred to in terms marking them as unusual.  Essentially, these women are unusual because they do not give way to their emotions in extreme situations.
wow, sorry i was having a hard time getting the words to work yesterday.  It's one of the more heartfelt posts i've made recently.   
If you can get ahold of Goldman's novel, and your sensibilities allow it or you can read the whole thing  (highly recommended!) make sure you see the last two pages.  

What might Westley and Buttercup's life been like after they rode off into the sunset?  

And we can count on there being some new kid wanting to overcome the champion swordsman Inigo and strongman Fezzik - what happens then?  
What if Humperdinck decided to spend the rest of his life trying to recover his bride and his prize horses?  
Does Westley ever sleep again?  

Words on Not Quite on Wednesday: from a memoir to a book i'd never seen to a movie i'd loved

  One of the movies MyGuy and i saw when it first came out was The Princess Bride.
i think

More sharing: When is my painting done?

ArtTutor has lots of explicit instructions for whateve medium you'd like to work in, or advice for any medium.  i haven't seen that the lovely pictures slow down loading, but they are enjoyable on their own, and enhance the instruction.  Hope you enjoy this too!

Hope or Unrealistic Dreams? A Shared Post

Previously i've linked to the writing of a woman writing under the title "Flappiness Is," about raising her special little boy.  Today i'm sharing where she comments on an overheard conversation, where other parents of a special kid manage not to lose it when they are criticized for accepting that their child will probably not participate in the world as someone without limitations.

On the Giving Up of “Hope” for My Disabled Child http://flappinessis.com/on-the-giving-up-of-hope/

Check it out; what do YOU think?