Midweek Book Essay: Sophie Hannah's Hercule Poirot



i thought i'd written about Hanna's Poirot before.  Since i can't find where i might have done that, here's my impressions after the latest reading:

Wordless Wednesday: Colorwheels Again

  Back at it - this is an exercise that lets me find what my colors can do and work on smoothing the areas i'm on.

  The photos are mostly in chronological order, and there are lots of free color wheel diagrams out there.  But at the end i will include the links from which i got my predrawn wheels and an article about making your own color wheel in colored pencil.

Wordless Wednesday: from fellow blogger Kathy Barbro

 i've started keeping a sketchbook by the computer.  i don't do the grid lines like she does, but dash these off in a few minutes.  You don't need any "talent" to make a nice one of these! Her recommended time for a classroom of kids working on this is 45 minutes. See https://artprojectsforkids.org/how-draw-statue-liberty/