Professional Artist Lisa Clough on Improving Your Art

Five Values from Dark to Light
  Lisa has a huge website under the name Lachri Fine Art.  Her email today was so right on that i tried to find the ideas on her website.

  Things You May Find Surprising

  • Tracing is a Learning Aid, not the end of all drawing.
  • Don't leave it partially finished.  You probably can't do your piece in an hour, but 8 or 80 would give the look you want.
  • Contrast, Contrast, Contrast!  Use a whole range of values.
You can find more, in her delicious words, here:
and here:


  As i've explained before, i use my cane not so much so that i can walk today, but so that i can continue walking three days from now.
  It may not make sense, but it's so.  The pain adds up and i simply can't continue.
  After lunch tyesterday, i went to the drink machin for a refill.
  And left my cane at the table.
  The guys at the table beyond ours were staring at me.  i felt, rightly or wrongly, like they were thinking i was putting over a scam, since i obviously didn't need that cane.

Fall 2018 Craft Fairs

  Last weekend i set up at the fair at DCHS.  None of my things sold, but i helped Indy Decorative Artists by selling $100 worth of quilt tickets.
  Our quilt is a group effort.  We all submit hand painted squares, the best are chosen, then we hire the quilting done.  With the proceeds, we fund our seminars, but also donate half ot them to Riley Hospital for Children.
  Next Saturday, November 10, i will set up at Perry Meridian Middle School.  Stop in & say hi.