Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The Train! The Train!

  When i was a kid, it seemed that we couldn't go anywhere without waiting for a train.
  i kinda liked trains, but it wasn't any big deal.  
  Max of course loves trains,

What i've Learned about The Cane

  In his "Introductory" to Reflections on the Psalms, C.S. Lewis  carefully explains that his book is not written because he knows his subject so well, but because he, like his audience, is a beginner. 
  So, in that spirit, i share some tips about using this contraption.

The Ruth Project: Part 1


Seeds: From Another Garden

   i think this project actually began last November. Eva Etzioni-Halevy's novels in our local library may have been its genesis.

   Actually it was the not-Ruth novel, The Song of Hannah, that i read first. It upended all i had been taught about Hannah, Elkanah's the barren wife.  Wasn't she the first, older wife? And Peninnah the sharp-tongued, the second, younger wife, mother of Elkanah's children?

   Well, yes, to some of the assumptions. Peninnah has the children, she makes Hannah's life miserable (but maybe Hannah would've been miserable without Peninnah's needling? i can totally see Peninnah's "needling" as an attempt to say Hannah had the better lot in life.)

   Etzioni-Halevy's novel turns the situation on its head. She depicts Hannah, at her best friend Pninah's wedding, determining to also marry the attractive groom.

   The The Garden of Ruth had a similarly unsuspected premise: