Learning to Correspond with School

  By the time Boom started first grade, i should've been experienced as a mom of schoolkids.
  Boom had had three years of preschool at the Y, as well as public kindergarten.  Max began preschool the year before Boom started kindergarten.
  But things are different in first grade.
  One afternoon i planned to take my boys to see Toy Story.  The showing i had i mind was soon enough after school that i needed to pick Boom up, instead of having him ride the bus home, then we would go directly to the theatre.
  Accordingly, i put a note in his bag.
  Maybe i should've pinned it to him.
  My first grader did not give the note to his teacher.  That day, anyway.

After School

  When school was over, Boom told his teacher he was to wait for me.  However, without a note, that made no difference.
  Meanwhile, i came to the office with Max, and explained that i was picking up Boom & we were going to a movie.
  But he didn't come.
  i needed to wait in the office until the busses were gone.  By then, he was already on, and i was unable to make it home before he did.
  Needless to say, there was no movie that day.

The Next Day

  Now the sensible thing to do would've been to retrieve that note.  But i didn't give it another thought.
  The NEXT day, his teacher was checking for notes, and found it.
  A note which i had not dated.
  So, that afternoon, she held him after school for me to pick him up, despite his protests that the note was about the day before.
  And i didn't come.
  You see, i was at home, waiting for the bus.

Signs of the Times

  A neighbor happened to be at the school picking up her son.  She said she'd bring Boom home.  (That wouldn't happen today - no permission slip!)  She pulled into the driveway just as i was calling to see why he didn't get off the bus.

The Take-Away

  Well, i have never sent an undated note to school since then!  And i've learned to call.  Email is fantastic too, though it wasn't available back when.

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