Wordless Wednesday: Spring Break in Columbus, IN

The Commons, downtown gathering place
Last week i shared a few photos of our spring break trip to Columbus - actually,

First Christian Church, the one that started it all

3 days & 2 nights for Boom & me, a daytrip for Max & MyGuy.

Colorful AND functional: color-coded exhaust pipes!

Boom and i looked for Anderson Falls outside of town when we first arrived.  We ended up spending 3x much time as we expected because we got lost several times.  It would be especially nice with leaves & blossoms on the trees, but this falls pretty much always, so they say, has plenty of water.

In last week's photos, the courthouse appeared in every shot.  The strange pillars are their war memorial: names and letter excerpts from soldiers killed in action are inscribed on the 25 pillars.

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