Library Visit

   i really shouldn't have gone to the library that day.  But my hold was in, and i wanted it. Then of course i had to walk around, and i found more. .. .

Comedy Tonight

  The previous Friday night i'd heard Anita Renfro on another disc at a ladies' night.  Too funny!  So i'd ordered that one and Total MomSense.  (Love her Birth Order Theory- but then i'm always interested in personality theories.)

Bible Ladies

  Reading the Women of the Bible was a hold a few weeks ago.  i'm still not done with it. It's a book to study and disagree with, but learn from, one of those you really need to read the introductory matter.  A review on Amazon complained that she discussed obscure women and didn't mention any from the New Testament.  Obviously not an introduction reader - that is all explained.
  While Reading proclaims itself a feminist reading of the Scriptures, Working Women of the Bible, in its introduction, tells us that we should go elsewhere if that's what we want.  (Well, "a trendy Bible study for women" was the actualy phrasing.)   A devotional type chapter book instead of a scholarly work, nevertheless both start from a similar place:  men and women are both created by God and people of value to Him.  The author of Working Women is a mom and a lawyer, who does believe in the value of work, at home or away, and finds balance an unworkable and even unreasonable goal.  She finds herself taking office calls at the ball field or pediatrician's, and the pediatrician calls her at the ball field or office.  Her model is a blender: it all gets thrown in together and you come out with a life.

A Bit About Art

  The art  books are mainly for fun.  i love seeing artists splash color on, then draw their picture over it.  Maybe someday i'll be brave enough to try that.  Matisse was an all-round artist of his day.  He began painting when his mom gave him a paint set while he was ill, and discovered papercutting in his infirm old age.  The book shown above concentrates on the papercutting, showing him in his wheelchair discovering scissors and paper.
  Art Matters, by Eileen Prince, is a wonder-full find.  i would recomend it for any teacher faced with integrating art in a school with budget cuts.  Written by a master art teacher, it seems more accessible to someone with a teaching background than the casual art background which i bring to it.  Fascinating, all the same, and i will be able to use some of the information.

And On To Scientific Matters

These were current reading a few months ago.  Discarded Science, i had out from the library something like six months, taking extended notes.
  There is SO much to say about this book.  For now, just notice in my notes where it says "ONE SENTENCE."  (i tend to copy way more than i think i'll actually want later because i've gotten in trouble for plagiarizing when actually what happened is i reparaphrased my paraphrase into the original language, which had not been before me for days or weeks.)
  Later, hopefully not too much later, i'll compare this vitriolic & pedantic book with How to Fake a Moon Landing.  But maybe i've already told you something about them!


  1. Hi! This is Melissa. I met you at the PTA conference. I remmeber you mentioning Temple Grandin so I thought I would contact you. I don't know if you have a Facebook account. Temple is doing a live chat on Facebook this week. Here is the link if you are interested. Hope all is well!

  2. Hi Melissa. Thanks for the heads up. No, actually i do not have a Facebook account. You can see the story in my post, Dsconnecting Facebook, from July '12. You can copy the title into my searchlink right if you wish. Enjoy the chat!


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