Coming Soon: The Twelve Days of Christmas

  Recently my writers' group had a lovely Christmas dinner together at Shepherd's Gate Inn.  We were asked to  bring a Christmas poem to share.  One we'd writen ourselves.
  It's been, well, almost since high school since i wrote a poem.  If anything
i called a poem could actually be called one.
  But i wanted to participate, so i checked my files to see if i'd ever written one worthy of brushing up to share.
  No Christmas poem.  Ever.
  In giving it some thought, all i could come up with was

twelve days of Christmas.

  Twelve mini poems, from the viewpoint of individuals more or less involved with the first Christmas.
  There's a reason MyGuy calls me the Queen of Complication.
  So, with a little aid from my muse, aka Boom, i wrote my poem.  i shared it with my group, and some others since, and plan to post the units of it on the Twelve Days of Christmas, to share with you.

When Are the Twelve Days of Christmas?

  The idea seems to be that it's the 12 days BEFORE Christmas, but in centuries past, that wasn't so.
  Remember Clara's family setting up the tree on Christmas Eve in The Nutcracker?  That was the beginning of the 12 days, not just to have it all pretty for 24 hours.  Partying could be continuous, and riotous, for those twelve days, giving good reason for Puritans to outlaw its celebration.

The Song about the Twelve Days

  Various meanings have been suggested for the gifts in the song, but ultimately it seems just a happy song of gaiety and dancing.
Another Interesting Link:
Christmas has just begun/celebrate all 12 days of Christmas

A Blessed Christmas to You

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