Building a Future

  While waiting for our Medicaid waiver services to begin, MyGuy, Max and i continue to discuss just what we'd like these to look like.
  When MyGuy visits his parents, i do the homework routine.  i thought i'd address the issue of what to do when you don't want something (throwing it away is only one option).
  i remembered the site Autism After 16 has lots of great information.  (Not sure it will work as a bloglink, but i'm trying it - see right sidebar..)
  i didn't find anything useful about determining how to dispose of something wisely, but i did find this, about a young man, similar to Max in many ways, who is living a dream we have for him.
Made by Brad: Thinking Outside the Box
  MyGuy, our "business" partner in the marriage, doesn't think he's up to setting Max up in a business, and i found it interesting to discover that Brad'is family required outside services to accomplish this also.

Also of interest is the Marriott Courtyard opening in Muncie to train and employ people with disabilities while providing the excellent service expected in such a hotel.

Initial photo of Max building our new computer desk; the 2nd photo shows the clothes from the shopping trip described in the 3/2714 post after Max shredded them.

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