Almost Wordless Wednesday: New Year's Eve Reflection

  You don't reach a certain age without "What ifs."
  Max and i were able to attend a Christmas eve service.  It was at 4:30pm whereas most of them are when are family gets together, and yes, he enjoyed it & did GREAT.
  Of course, music was prominently featured, and there was a flute.
  i can never hear a flute without feeling sad about my lack of musical gift or talents. 
  At  the nursing home caroling, i am the only one who knows all the words without the book. i'm also the only one who can't carry the tune.
  The flute episode was particularly painful: 3 months in which a chld  only a year older tried to teach me what she had learned the year before, during which i never made a single sound (not sure where the band director figured in this- just up front directing).
  And that's just one dream deferred.
Amy Grant Official Music: All I Ever Have to Be is What You Made Me
  i rather think this song was written for a graduation or maybe some great failure, but it works for a new year too.  i've found it comforting and encouraging from the time i first encountered it, and still do.

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