Playing with Duct Tape

Max's library book this week was about making things with duct tape.
So we tried it.
We made several little books out of our notepaper, which is one-side printed computer paper.  Max promptly took possession of the others.
   Some of the books were single-sheets stapled together.  Others were folio (folded) sheets stapled in the middle.  The covers were taped before the stapling.
  The book above is a bit more complex.  Max was finished, and i remembered some cardstock among the notepapers.  So i taped two sheets of cardboard, and stapled my cardstock together, then arranged the covers and taped them.
  It's not perfect.  i taped the cardboards too close together, and the book won't shut without holding it.
i did this too after Max was done.  i rather thought a wristlet would be nice.
We put our tape directly on the plastic or paper we were using.  Here's a couple of other ways:
Duckbrand shows us one way.
Sophie makes duct tape fabric
Sophie learns a simpler way

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