Not everyone's an escapist. . . .

  Here in Indiana this week, things look kinda like the first picture, except way colder than when i took it, back in January 2013.
  After our session, Ms Tutor and i were joking about being tired of the cold.  We said,
sure, let's go right to the airport & go to Hawaii.  We can buy our clothes there; no need to return home to pack first!

  i asked Max, "Do you want to get on an airplane and come to Hawaii with us or would you rather go to 'Company A' "  (If you haven't been on the ride for very long, that's the pseudonym for his day service provider.)
  Max replied promptly, "Company A."
  That boy is his dad's son.  He & his family proclaim, "No rolling stones here.  We gather moss & set down roots."

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