Not the Day i Expected

Bloomingdale Chumlea family reunion ca ?1930
The To-Do List:

  • Max to "Company A"
  • i've been having my late aunt's geneaology notebooks scanned.  The next visit was supposed to be picking up the one at Staples & dropping off the 3rd & last volume.
  • get my blood pressure taken
  • HOME
  • laundry; 2 loads if possible
  • call the office of one of my doctors, for a prescription refill
  • wash dishes
  • email a fellow club member
  • pick up Max

  The day got off-track almost at once. 

  i did get the first load of laundry downstairs before leaving.  Max got to his program right on time.  Then i headed for Plainfield to take care of the next items.
  Before i got on the highway, i was passed by a So Italian! catering truck.  i was amazed, though it didn't affect how my day went.  But i was surprised a Brownsburg restaurant catered so far away.
  To go to Staples first, i needed to get off the highway at Reagan.   Instead, i headed on to the Plainfield exit at SR267.
  No problem.  Take Perry Road to Staples.
  Then i realized that i could've simply swapped my errands & i wouldn't have to backtrack.  oh well.
  i squeezed in the phone call to the doctor's office from the parking lot before going in.  One task done.
  Before taking the notebook to Staples, i needed to remove the pages from page protectors.  The pages i want scanned go BETWEEN the protectors; pages still inprotectors do not get scanned.  (My aunt had lots of duplicates, information for ordering via snailmail (the only way to reach other geneaologists back when), and even cancelled checks from the transactions. 

  Today's book was more complicated than the other two. 

   The first one, i pulled the pages out in about 20 minutes as i stood at the counter.  The second one took most of Max's hour-long tutoring session to do the same.
  Today i allowed myself to go to Barnes & Noble, to use their table & sip an iced white mocha.
  Starting at 9:30, the job was done by 1:30.
  It was, however, the most fascinating of the three.
  Here is where she put the correspondance with stories.
  Not the relative's indenture papers, but the story of why the indenture was necessary.
  Not the date of the relative's arrival to the country/state/county, but a description of their life.
  One document was a letter written to the family who attended the 1898 reunion, recounting ancestors back to the 1600s.
  And yes, i did really need to devote this much time to the project.  Not only should the family historian be acquainted with the documents in her possession, i needed to see how much i could eliminate from needing to be scnned.  Yes, it's an expensive job.

And after. . . 

   i was able to get the blood pressure read.  And drop off a prescription, i assumed to pick up tomorrow, but it was ready after i got the bp read.
  And was able to pick up Max right on time for a change.
  The dishes - i did them practically as soon as i walked in the door.
  Laundry finally got in when i returned from tonight's art lesson, as the email.
  oh, and i managed to get to Staples one minute before closing.  i got in, transacted the business in a couple minutes, and they had to unlock the door to let me out.
  But there will be no second load today.
Another photo or more to come. . . . .

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