Wordless Wednesday: Short Stuff on a Long Topic

 i've been coming across lots of online reports that Prismacolor is the most popular colored pencil around here, but quality is going down.  The pencils above are still fairly long, but you can see how they've been sharpener-chewed.  i could say it's just me, but the older ones, which other artists acknowledge are better, don't have this problem, nor do they break internally.  And i know i've dropped those 30 year old pencils numerous times!
  So i've been collecting way too many different brands, and i think Faber Castell Polychromos are my new favorite.
  But OH look at the coverage from the white "Cadillac":
That would be the Caran d'Ache Luminance, by the way.
 Yes, a lot of reviews.  You can imagine how many MORE are out there - and i didn't even look for Luminance reviews.  But i will note that some of these are from fine artists, and some from coloring book artists, and, while the opinions may be similar, they aren't in lockstep. Everyone has a different "hand," and that influences preferences.
http://www.lauraeddy.com.au/blog/faber-castell-polychromos-vs-prismacolor-premier http://coloururworld15.weebly.com/a-coloristas-blog/faber-castell-polychromos-vs-prismacolor-pencils-review 
a video, with of course side links to similar comparisons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWn1NQT1Mqg 
  (these last two are the same artist, Lachri, the first is a single, recent video, and the second is older, with serveral videos) 

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