Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Scrapbooking in the Dark

 Last weekend, i spent Friday evening and Saturday at Just a Little Bit Moore, a great scrapbooking and art store outside Mooresville.  First i shopped, then settled down to work. . . .
and about that time the power went out.  There were various flashlights around, and the five of us (some from much farther away than the list on their homepage) kept at it. 
Here are some of my pages from the weekend.
This page was mostly finished when the lights came back, about 9:30 or 10.  i decided to write my journaling in the box on the upper left - and mixed up a couple of our friends' names.  Time to start over with a patch!
Max's wide-spread balancing arms made me decide to use the octopus, which i spent some of Saturday coloring just for this page.

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