Not Quite My First Memory

Actually, what i first remember is looking THROUGH those slats.  You can see just from this photo that lots of things are different these days.  No, i was NOT a climber!
  i am moving this photo from another place on this blog.  No, you won't have seen it before.
  For some time, i've been working on a PAGE (those links across the top) that's about me.  This photo was on it, but i hadn't gotten the words just right.
  You see, it's been bothering me that the post about what i'm doing is getting twice as many hits as anything else i write.  So it's going to go away and become a PAGE.  Which means i'll use that photo on the post (this is a post) and not the photo here.
  Because i understand you want to know where i'm coming from & who i am, but i don't want you to miss what i'm doing here.
 This blog is about showing you a whole person in a family.  Yes, my son has autism and severe communication needs.  i write about him and dealing with his issues as often as i can, but i cannot live just there.  There is more to me than Autism Mom.  So here you will see my attempts at art, my thoughts on education and the world around us, my faith.
  The post about what i've been doing, sometimes called General Overview of My Life, is going to go away.  Instead, i will place its content, in its entireity with a bit extra, in a new PAGE.  That way, you can find out what you want about me more easily.
  And i promise not to mind so much if you mess up the stats on my PAGES instead of my POSTS.
  Thanks for coming here!


  1. Appreciate the thought, "There is more to me than Autism Mom."

  2. i think i finally found my voice. Thank you for helping me on the road!


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