The conversation continues. . . .

   In my post Still Trying to Crack the Math Nut i mentioned Max's progress report from school, that seemed to show no progress, and said i would be talking with his teacher.
  We've been talking.  Through no fault of either of ours, it hasn't been easy.
There was her four hour case conference, the appointment that i accompanied my friend to that SHOULD have taken 2 hours but took 4, an email that she sent that her system registers as sent but somehow never arrived here. 
  But when people are determined, we make things happen. 
  We met, and she gave me a printout of her email. 
  And we talked.


one of the graphs from the "no progress report"
  This is what the State of Indiana wants teachers to use to indicate the progress of special education students.  The start point is where he was last May; the end point is where he should be next May, and the short line represents progress in the immediate past quarter.  The rest of the page consists of student ID information, goal identification and statement, what overarching skills this will support, method used to arrive at the progress line, and notes, including staff involved withthe report.
  The notes are the most useful part.  They make real-world sense.  "Max is currently getting 50% of his division facts correct."


So we squeezed in an hour of face time and talked.  Much more is being done than simple graphs can possibly show.  i learned how she is supplementing curriculum, and she learned in more detail what we are doing at home.
  Some issues will not be going away.  Max may never figure out who, what, when, where, why, but we'll keep working on them.  We'll keep looking into ways to alleviate his anxieties, which seem to be at the root of many of the other difficulties.  (He knows often what to do, but still waits for permission.  And that's just one i don't mind sharing publicly.) 
  The conversation doesn't end.  It's frustrating, but it goes on.
  And yes, it's worthwhile.

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