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  i found this quote 
on August 2 on a site called autismbrainstorm.org It appears to be part of the permanent part of the page, though not the header.
  i think it really packs a wallop, don't you?
  But i didn't know anything about Laura Tisoncik.  i quickly learned that some people think she's a freeloader - join the crowd; lots of people think anyone who gets public assistance is a freeloader.
  i can't answer about this particular individual.  i can say the system is broken on all sides & in every way.
  And she probably does not appear to have all the difficulty that she actually does.


  Autism Liberation Front

 The Autism Liberation Front is viewed as a scary thing by some parents.  These adults with autism/autistic adults -  there are some who prefer either way of reference - regard their autism as a quirk analogous to being lefthanded.  They want us to know that attempting to cure them is a mistake, for them and for us. 

So where am i going here? - Links for You

  Not sure i know - how's that for a fatal admission from a writer?
  You might want to check out these:
  For just one idea on fixing the system, see Anne Higley suggests separating Medicaid from the Medicaid Waiver services
  Here's an interview with some dads that has tips for us all.
  And some thoughts about the words we use
Finally, ending on an upnote, Natalie talks about staying positive in a world with so many negative vibes about autism.
You may also be interested in Little Boy Lost

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