Sunday Doodle and Booktalk

  Today's Sunday school lesson was in the 2nd chapter of Genesis, about the creation of the first woman.  We touched on marriage and what it should be.
  i was reminded
of a favorite series of novels, Mary Conneally's Montana Marriages trilogy.  Actually it's the middle trilogy of a trilogy of trilogies, if that makes sense, though only in the 3rd set are all the characters tied together.
  Each novel shows a community, while featuring one couple as they try to make sense of living out a Christian marriage and loving each other.
  Are they cutout characters?  Well, they are clearly delineated, and a lot of fun, even with their foibles. 
  Taken together, they show how the submission of a Christian wife to a Godly husband might work out in couples of varying personalities, when all are eager to serve Christ.
  The results may be surprising, but look lifelike and satisfactory, to God, to man, and to woman, so often left out of the equation.

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