Haunting Mistake

  i think i may have mentioned that numbers are not my thing.  Way back, when Max was tiny, he had a savings account.  One day, apparently i was working with his savings account at the same time i was working with his SSN.  And somehow the last4 digits of the savings account got attached to the SSN.
  Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  It was caught when we applied for SSI, but the Disney stock still carries it. 
  Earlier this week, MyGuy got the certificate medallionized, then sent it priority mail to the proper place (not the one that was the proper place a couple of years ago).  And learned via email this morning that the SSN doesn't match.
  So while doing in the midst of his breadwinner duties, MyGuy must fix the mistake i made ten, maybe 15 or more years ago.
  Hopefull THIS will finally erase that little glitch.  Our kid hasn't had that many financial dealings.  Really.

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