Selling Stock: The Next Step

  Hallelujah!  One more step down the road!
  Max's stock is extra tricky to sell.
  • The value is too small an amount for real stockbrokers to want to handle it, but just enough to keep Max over the limit on assets. 
  •  Paper stock apparently is more difficult than simply digital shares. 
  •  And it's in Max's name, but MyGuy, as guardian, was/is acting on his behalf.  Max doesn't come into the transaction at all.  
  So usual rules don't apply.  The do-it-yourself broker MyGuy uses couldn't accomatde him with the medallion for the certificate.  The helpful young man at our main bank, who could've done it, had moved on.  (Not surprising, since i'd found him over a year ago.. . .)
  But today MyGuy connected with someone who may or may not have been his successor, and the certificate is finally medallion-ized.  If i understand correctly, Disney will accept it now and offer it for sale.

  Nice to have at least one thing out of the way before our appeal hearing.

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