DIY Art School?

 i guess i'm kinda designing my own art school.

  i never could work on an instructior's pace, failed my college art course (you'll find a C on my transcript, which it probably would've been if i'd dealt with that incomplete. . . )

Self-Taught at Home

  But now i'm buying books, checking them out of the library, digging old ones off my shelves, and actually doing the exercises in them.
  This little notebook is nothing but exercises and summaries of principles, mainly reworkings of exercises from Elements and Principles of Design (shown) and the Art Projects for Kids blog.

Live Teachers Near and Far

  Also i'm taking classes, locally and with artists who are not quite local.  i'm getting involved in our local Society of Decorative Painters group.  The Indy Decorative Artists have reworked their meetings to including paint-ins every month - fun!
Lombardic Capital Made with Julia  Fish-Thompson
   A couple of times i've gone as far away as Rising Sun, on the Ohio River, to study with Vera Curnow, and once to Dayton to paint with Louise Jackson,   MDA and  the Dayton decorative artists.
  i suppose this started a couple, three years ago when i took a couple courses with Laura Tesdahl at Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg.  At some point i'll study with her some more. . . .

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