why i'm reading baby name books

  Actually, i've always been into name books.  As a writer, sometimes even of fiction, i like knowing what names mean.
  There's no reason to suspect a grandchild looming on the horizion - and the name wouldn't be my job even if there were.
  But Beyond Jennifer and Jason is so much more than a baby name book.  It's history and sociology too.  Why did those names catapult to meteoric popularity at the precise times they did?  Why does a C-Catherine project a softer, more feminine image than a K-Katherine? (at least until you know her!)
  i also enjoyed for awhile another book by these authors, Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana, but i let it get away from me.   i remember it as more different than you might expect, not simply an update.  
 These books are a lot of fun, no baby required.

Interview with author Linda Rosenkrantz
nameberry.com: website of book's authors

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