Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Old Shoe, New Shoe, Purple Shoe, Blue Shoe

  i'm not really into shoes.
  i might be, if i could wear just anything.
with huge feet, it's not an option.
  i hate paying big money for them, but it's worthwhile.
  The nice saleslady at Stout's in Brownsburg told me that my nearly worn out New Balance were two years old.    She was surprised that i'd chosen them based on having a bit of color.  She said they are the most supportive shoe on the market.
  At the Runner's Forum in Avon, the wonderful saleslady couldn't even fit me.  Well she could have sold me a men's shoe.
  Not going there again.
  Apparently men's & women's femurs angle differently.  It can make a difference in the shoe's fit.
  What i know is that with the good WOMEN'S shoes and a proper orthotic, i don't feel my heel spur at all.  And seldom my arthritic knee.
 Of course, you still need to break them in properly.  Right now, i'm trying to heal a humongous scab from walking in the new shoes.  For six hours, when the shoes weren't as broken in as i thought.  And the heat was 107degrees.
  Still,  i''m 100% positive that i hurt less than i would be if i'd worn ANY other shoe in the world.  Including the Israeli-made, footbed shaped-sandal.

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