In the past few weeks. . . .

  i haven't posted much the last few weeks, but that doesn't mean nothing has been going on.

Medicaid Update

    i've been sharing with our Max's Medicaid journey.  the last thing i wrote was that we met our case manager.  Since then we've had several interviews with potential service providers and figured out, with tremendous help from Case Manager, what we're going to do, and how it will look.
  Max is ready to stop talking and start doing.
  The day services begin Monday - more later - and - wouldn't you know - today we got the official letter saying that, after working most of the last year and a half  to convert the Disney stock to something acceptable to FSSA, we don't need to do that.
  The financial requirements are, thanks to Affordable Care, no longer in place.
  If you have the need, there's help.
  It's NOT just about money.  Some of the services Max has needed seem to be unavailable without a case manager, or at least her specialized knowledge.  Services i have tried to obtain for him, only to be told, "Check back when you have the waiver."

Elderly Dog, Hole in the Fence

     Puppers is 14.  She's basically a pretty healthy dog.  So her vet said at the recent checkup.  She's always had urinary issues, and there's a small hole in her heart, nothing inconsistent with her age.
  Right now we're treating an infection.
  One that increases the, um, occasional incontinence, making it not so occasional.
  And the other night, she greeted Boom OUTSIDE the fence.
  When she'd been let out INside the fence.
  We have a fence so that walking the dog can be a pleasant event, not a chore that's required several times a day.
  But we can't have her getting loose.
  And we can't find the hole.  We have an idea where it might be, but we can't find it.  Maybe this weekend. . . .
  So we now have much more frequent walks, and the bizarre situation of tying her inside the fence.
  It's a 60' cable, she has shade and water, and is invited inside much more often than she chooses to come.
  And there's still 3 daily walks and accidents.
  Not sorry to have an old dog, but i do hope this condition goes with the infection.

Travel.  Me.  

View from my room
  The Society of Decorative Painters had their annual convention conference in SanDiego this year.  Amazingly, MyGuy found a way to send me for the week.  (And thanks to my local unit, Indy Decorative Artists, who have promised me a stipend for representing them, since neither our president nor any other member was able to go.)
  It was an amazing week,.  i wish we had had typical SanDiego weather.
  My guidebook said the climate is "never more than ten degrees away from moderate".
  One hundred seven is NOT moderate.
7:30am, and already a scorcher
  And i kept getting lost in our resort, so, in the early, hottest part of the week, i covered three times more ground than i needed to.
  But i learned a lot in the classes:
. . . and dealt with Medicaid calls. . .
  It was a nice week, despite the weather and the sore foot.

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