Words on Wednesday: Just Another Highway?

   When i took a college tour of Europe (10 counries, 6 wks, camp every night),  i wanted to use print film, because
i knew no one would want to see those photographs as often as i would.

Slides?  Prints?

  My parents bought slide film for my Instamatic because of course EVERYBODY would want me to give them a talk about my trip.
  Well, maybe it happened a few times.
   But i think the slides were a good thing, in the long run.
  1970s film development was THE WORST.  i didn't have prints made until nearly 2000, nor have scans made until last year, but it's amazing the additional quality the pros got out of those old dirty slides.
  For my sister's study trips, she had slides and prints made.  Both are disintegrating badly.

 One of my Early Scrapbook Pages

   i'd always meant these pictures to be a panorama, but 126 film doesn't do that.  i had a really hard time stitching these pictures together with scissors and photo tape.

Digital Color Fix

   i think digitally fixing the color was worthwhile.  What do you think?

 The next three are single shots of the Autobahn between Trier  (Treve) and Koblenz.  These were from the more recent scan, and they're cropped, too.  i think the color fix worked better on these.

  Below, i made the photos into a panorama digitally,
but it was hard to  get the sky color to match.  i don't think i managed.  i used Creative Memories Memory Manager 1 to start, followed by copy, pick & airbrush in Paint.

 What the Scrapbook Page Says

   Along the Autobahn - Village in View
Our map in Trier wasn't very good.  We saw several historic things but had no idea what they were.
 "The countryside is very beautiful - not what I expected, but then I probably wouldln't have known if it was what I expected."
The quote is from my journal.
Something i distinctly remember, and i think i wrote in my journal, is we experienced our first foundabout.  These are getting quite popular now  in Hendricks and Hancock counties by Indianapolis, but only our professor had ever seen any before.

USA Today offers another interesting Instamatic article.  If you are not particularly tech-savvy, you can click the background/main article when you are finished with the ad.  And you may no want to click the x in the circle - the article totally disappears.

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