Big Fence, Little Dog

Someone once remarked how funny it was to have a huge fence and a tiny dog.  There's a story there. . .
    Last time i posted, i shared (among other things) about our elderly (not in HER mind!) Puppers and her problem. 


A Hole in the Fence?

  We thought there was a hole in, or under, the fence, since she'd appeared outside it.
  Saturday MyGuy & i walked the entire perimeter, moving plants aside and peering closely.
  We didn't see anything we thought she could get past.
  Apparently we were wrong.
  Yesterday morning i didn't find Puppers in the house, so i figured Boom had forgotten to invite her back in for the night.  i'd left her outside without the cable, because i don't like cabling her and, hey, no holes, right?
  i couldn't see her by the door, but there's other places inside the fence she likes, so i wondered, but didn't worry.

Something She can Get Through, Anyway. . . .

  Max & i walked to the street to bring in the paper.
  And Puppers appeared out of nowhere,  ready to cross the street with us.
  i was shocked.  i'd not quite agreed with MyGuy that there was nothing she could get through, but i'd really WANTED to believe it.
  i called her name, and told her to get back to the house.
  Puppers opened her mouth in a pant that looked suspiciously like a self-satisfied grin, but she turned in the direction i indicated.
  And now we're back to cabling her.
  Another perimeter search to come. . . .

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