Day Out with Thomas, 2014

  For awhile i thought this would be our last Day Out with Thomas. . .
  Max always begins to ask anxiously "Day out with Thomas?" when our PBS station begins to advertise it, in the early spring (February).  The request becomes increasingly fretful as the day draws near, even after we show him the preordered tickets.
  But this year it hasn't been like that.  There's been a few "Day out with Thomas?" requests, but they haven't been worried requests.  One answer was enough to satisfy.
  i don't think he asked at all after we showed him the tickets had arrived.
  i figured that Max had decided maybe the crush of the crowds, the little kids, the tinny music, was no longer worth the effort.
  Miss Tutor suggested that maybe instead he's growing up, becoming confident that there WILL be a DOWT for him this year, remembering the answers from last week. 
  i like that thought. 
  Max seemed to enjoy the event as much as usual, except more calmly.  
  Yes, i think we can get used to this.

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