Birthday Candle Obsession

   Some of these are way too old for birthday candles.  i wouldn't be surprised if
some were older than i am.

Candles Long Past

  My mom always kept cake decorations in a large glass mixing bowl.
  Seems weird now; seemed natural at the time.
  And i inherited the bowl.
  We once had - yes - SEVENTY - candles on a birthday cake.  That was the one where we had a box of magic relighting candles too.

Candles Recent Past

  Some years ago i cleared out the other decorations.  We now store the candles and holders in a Tupperware box that hangs under the counter.
  And the problem now is not every candle fits in every holder. 
  These holders may look identical, but they aren't.  Some will only accept the teeny candles; some hold all but the biggest; some hold most but not all sizes.
  And don't get me started on the variations in shape & petal detail.

Candles Present

 Why should i know so much about how a candle holder is shaped?????
 You'd understand if you'd experienced how people get impatient when mom tries to find candle holders that support the candle while they're waiting.
  As we did last week.  i hadn't expected it, but Max wanted candles on his cake.
  Well, why not?  That IS what they're for.

  So the latest round of purge.
  But is it really purge?  i think the teeny candles can go, likewise the teeny holders, but what about  . .

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