Not popular today

  Is that an "evil eye" or what?
  i know Max needs alone time when he gets back from Company A, and i try to respect that.
  The routine is, we get mail, i take Puppers for a walk, i make sure the cat has the food/water she needs, i do whatever is needed in the kitchen, then the living room, then go upstairs.
  Today there was an extra five minutes of stuff in the living room.
  You'd think i was killing Max for the fuss he put up, my SITTING DOWN in the living room during HIS time there.
  i tried to keep my responses minimal while reminding him that this would be brief, but WAS necessary.
  Then i came upstairs and sat on the bed for to sort mail.
  Puppers came out of her crate and gave me this type of look as she stalked out of the room.
  Some days.........

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