Sarah: Part 1

 A woman's life may not be over at age sixty-five, but we today know she is old.
  Or at least in her "sunset years."  And almost certainly she's already had any children she's going to have.*
  If her husband says, "Let's sell everything & be nomads in the desert," she'd have good reason to wonder if he had a screw loose.
  If she's childless and her husband says, "God told me to sell everything and go to the desert to live.  Honey, we're going to be ancestors of mighty nation!" maybe she should gently urge him to see his doctor.
  A strong woman would know that doesn't add up. . . .

   A Husband Who Wasn't "All That"

  We think of Abraham as a giant in the faith, and he was.
  As a husband, he had feet of clay.
  Well, we all do, men and women.    NONE of us are perfect.
  And it isn't really fair to judge a person by the standards of a time he didn't live in, but, truth is, Abraham didn't always hit the mark.
  When he was first called, he was told to LEAVE his home and family.
  He left
         . . .  some of his family.
  God said "Go to Canaan."
         He went to Haran, a big city about halfway there..
  These might be a falling short even in his own scale of references.
  So what was Sarai, as she was known at this time, doing for all this time?
  We don't know.
  From what we see of her later, we can consider ourselves justified in imagining that she was not silent. 

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