Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: IL 47

  After negotiating toll roads in rush hour traffic & heavy rain Monday (including the worst of traffic & rain by O'Hare!), i was determined to avoid all tolls
and coming nearer Chicago when returning Saturday.
  It was difficult to find such a route, but two fellow guests of the Pheasant Run Resort agreed that IL47 isn't such a bad route.
  It was everything i wanted.  The resort is right on IL64; i took that west through StCharles, then connected directly with 47.  At Mahomet, i got on Interstate 74, which took me most of the way home.
  Yes, it's longer, but far more comfortable.  No stress at all!  i wanted to take photos & sketch all the way along.  (Note: yes, i took this photo while driving, but i never look in the viewfinder when doing so.  Literally point & shoot!)
The promised more typical photo from the road, though not from the trip described above.  That one, all car interior & window edge, refuses to come off my phone! 

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