Wordless Wednesday: Binder Library

i've found that putting books & papers into binders is a good way to keep them.  i can file like subjects together, & label the back.

  This book is a well-used favorite of mine.  i really love my sturdy, office-quality 3hole punches!

 An office supply store will also cut off the binding & punch for you. When i use the store, it costs between $1-$2 for the service, providing my own, often re-used, binder.
The butterfly binder was originally a product catalog for a home sales consultant. The one with large words on the side came with a mail-order crafts club. The tapestry covered binders are the scrapbooks of my Europe trip in the summer of 1975.  As far as i can recall, the others are standard school/office binders, often repurposed from some other project. 

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