Visit to the Pumpkin Farm

 Our ongoing October discussion is whether we should get a pumpkin.
A couple of weeks ago i asked Max, as we went to speech, if he'd like to pick out his pumpkin from here. 

He said yes.  i had trouble getting to the drive - overshot it the first time, but Max wasn't much upset. 
The field was gorgeous.  They had lots of activities, for a fee, but since we only wanted to shop, there was no entrance charge. 
Max knew at once which one he wanted.
The wagons were handy.  That's one heavy pumpkin!  (and did you notice the gesture?)
checkout -   That's an $8 pumpkin!
The staffer weighed the pumpkin.
Later Max drew the face on with a Sharpie.  We haven't given up on carving it, but, unless the weather changes again, that probably won't happen.

Added Later
Sharpie'd Jack
The sky, just before we started.
You didn't think i could do this without sky pictures, did you?
Jack 2015, during "surgery"  
Dinner was ready just as Jack was, so we don't have a photo of the end product now.  Maybe later.  
Any interest?

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