Election Day

Twenty-six states are having their general elections today.
i hear this will be a light turnout election day.
That's a shame.  While the elections are not high profile,
that rather makes it more  important on a local level to get your vote out.  In Indiana, you can track down info about who's running here:

Indiana Voters Main Website

Ballotopedia is a comprehensive, nation-wide info site.  i find them quite thorough.
For example, all i could find about one councilman candidate was on the state site.  However, Ballotopedia connected me with the other candidate's website.
So now i know that i am voting between an incumbent, running on his laurels, and a savvy newcomer who lines up better with what i'd like to see in office.
check it out.  And GO VOTE.
We're in this together.

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