Saturday Sisters: Ruth

Why did Ruth marry that refugee boy anyway?
The relations between Israel and Moab had always been uneasy. Surely this little family, fleeing famine, brought nothing of great worth with them that could have made Mahlon a desirable son-in-law?
Nevertheless Ruth married him. We know she bonded tightly with her new family, and, as a young widow, accompanied her also-widowed mother-in-law back to Israel. This was a truly unpopular choice for her to make considering the political situation and the life of hardship she knew faced her there.
Why would she leave her own family to follow an impoverished widow she had only known for a very few years? What was so attractive about this sad older woman?
Naomi even tried every way she could think of to send this persistent young woman away. What did she need with another mouth to feed?
Was it the memory of her husband, or Naomi herself, or was it their God who so attracted Ruth?
Ruth's husband and in-laws were always the different ones.
 And she found every difference wonderful. Especially their God.

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