Happy Feb.29 Birthday, Daddy!

He would have been 96 today on his 24th birthday.

  He worked for a good company.  They took care of him, as companies did well back in the day, with vacations and profit-sharing.  (and we still benefit from the profit sharing.  Maybe someday we'll find all the "Baby Bell" stock his shares got split into!)
  The company also gave employees their birthday off.  But it had to be EXACTLY on your birthday.  That was probably to avoid people taking off a Friday or a Monday if the birthday fell over the weekend, but it also affected Leap Year babies.
  My dad asked if he could have Veterans' Day off instead.  It seems reasonable, but, no.
  Your Birthday Off must be your exact birthday.  Even if you only get one to everyone else's four.

Five Trivia about Leap Day
A Leap Year "Baby" tells what it's like
"But by far the most popular topic of conversation among leaplings is the bureaucratic problems we all inevitably face. This red-tape nightmare can take many forms. Sometimes it’s as small as not being able to select our birth date from a drop-down menu online...."

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