Conversing, sort of

Enjoying a Favorite Treat
Max sees his dentist once a year.  He's seen the same one since the beginning.  She'd like to see him twice, but, well, you know.
And he's been seeing his current speech therapist since i think it was September.
We visited the dentist recently.  The doctor was impressed with how well he responded and seemed to understand basic conversation, a great improvement.
The next day, i told the speech therapist about this, and she brought it up in talking with Max. 
He said, "Afraid."
You're afraid of the dentist, Max?
i suppose we shouldn't be surprised.  He cringes and refuses to let anyone but medical personnel touch his head.
And lots of people are scared of the dentist. 
Not sure why we never thought that was the case here.
Which makes his great cooperation even more impressive.

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