Words on Wednesday: This Year's Reading List, so far, sort of

Actually the lower right book is the study guide for my CD lecture series

Some Recent Reading and a Soon-to-be- Read

  In the top picture i show:
  • the CD study series guidebook from lectures on CS Lewis 
  • two copies of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, one from our book club and the other so i can keep that one in the bookbag & still finish the assigned chapter for next week
  • A Wild Swan and other Tales, by Michael Cunningham.  i checked this out of the library on impulse, and kinda enjoyed it.  i like fairy tale retellings, especially ones that humanize the stick-figure characters, but this is a bit dark for my taste.
  • The Complete Father Brown.  Actually just dipping in here & there, reading the stories from the video series MyGuy & i are occasionally watching.
  • Two volumes of our box set, The Space Trilogy, by CS Lewis.
  • and Lewis's last novel, Till We Have Faces.  OK, actually, i haven't read this one recently, but it's moved onto my Read Soon list.  i think i might understand it this time around - when i read it years ago, i just thought it strange.

The Ruth Project

  Most of my reading this year has been every novel i can get ahold of on Ruth from the Bible.  i am astonished how all these novels can be so different, yet i've only detected one deviation from the four chapters in the Old Testament.  The lady is different in each, but only one, the one in Eva Etzioni-Halevy, depicted a character, um, radically different from what we'd expect.
  i have a lot more to say about these, and will present it - probably not as soon as i'd like.

this photo includes all the books above, plus another on my Read-Soon list, The Girl's Still Got it.  This is Liz Curtiss Higgs' take on Ruth, in the wonderful devotional style of her Bad Girls of the Bible series.

This photo shows three books by Diana Wallis Taylor.  She has the most unusual take on Ruth (partly by design!) in an entirely different way than Etzioni-Halevy.  Martha, i read this week, and Claudia, about Pilate's wife, will be another very soon read.  Both these two strike me as excellent Easter books, as they will include parts of the story.

Other To be Read Books

  • Father Brown, the dipping-into book
  • A Wild Swan, which was photographed before moving into the Recently Read category
  • Wisdom and Folly, a two part novel by a member of my writing group, Michele Israel Harper
  • God, Get Me Out of This Pickle Jar! was given to me by a friend to review.  i look forward to reading this one, too!

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