Midweek Photos, a Day Late

  This has been a crazy month. Between
my confusion about how the day service hours worked, and Max now having PAC service, which costs twice as much but gives four times as much service (as long as you don't measure it in time!), Max & i have been pretty constant buddies this month.  
  i didn't know when the counting started for PAC.  So it leaves us four days a month of the day service, and i'd used 3 of them the first week.  Company A's asst director asked me which of the 3 days i'd had we would continue using, so she could offer the other days to new clients.  It had to be the day my club meets.  So we did that, and day service is over until November.
  That was fast.
  It's working out much better than i thought.  Makes me wonder if he's "outgrown" the day service - he still claims to like it, but seems stressed the whole time he's there.  (Sometime soon i'm expecting the bill for the wall he punched.)
  But the new PAC buddy is working out great.  Nothing seems to faze him.  They get together twice a week, and Max loves going with him.
 A peer.
  But the rhythm of our lives has changed, and that keeps me off the computer a lot.
  For now, though, i hope you like the September photos that i took off my phone.
i'd like this a lot better without the wires, but   

i'm not sure i do this well.  Same view as above, with the wires edited out.
i have lots of views of the additon - or at least i did before the crash. 

There was a rainbow here.  IT was bright bright bright when i got out my phone, and seems to have vanished by this point.  Well, it is a rainbow.  But i could still see it at the time - maybe you can do something to bring it back.  Nice colors anyway, though.

  Blogger recently informed us that they will no longer link us to outside webpages.  It seems to mainly affect my blogroll, but just in case they decide to expand this, i'll try to include my outside links below the post now.
PAC services: http://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/4333.htm          Scroll down to "Frequently Asked Questions," then the 3rd question describes the service. 
Our yard work, & ensuing mess: 
http://wondersandmarvels-wonderfull.blogspot.com/2015/02/wordless-wednesday-mudpuppy.html     includes links to earlier pics of the work
http://wondersandmarvels-wonderfull.blogspot.com/2014/11/wordless-wednesday-destruct-decompose.html       The first photo shows the decomposing Jack-o-Lantern, but the others show what happened AFTER the septic was covered.

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