rearranging plans

Next week will be weird. 
The day service manager "Company A" called & said Max has no more hours left this month.
  It seems that a "day" is not a "day."
     It's a "day in fifteen minute increments."
      And the time he's supposed to be there is not a half-hour window, but the straight-up hour.
 Which means that all the times i've been just barely within the window -- counts.
  i do have trouble doing anything on time, but i'm pretty sure i could've managed better if i'd realized how the time is computed.
  i did suggest that some notice might be nice, so that i could arrange not to have 3 appointments that neither of us wants him to attend.  But that apparently isn't possible.  Staff, reasonably, has 72 hours to turn in the the hours actually worked. Often, that means there is all sorts of figuring at the end of the month.  Reminds me of my cross stitching days - how i wanted just ONCE to have my design come out matched to the pattern!
  Then there's a few days to consult with our case manager, to see if something can be squeezed out of somewhere or other.
  Apparently that's happened with Max before, and i was never told.

  The policies all seem reasonable, when explained, but it's nothing i would ever have guessed from how it's been presented.

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