Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The Train! The Train!

  When i was a kid, it seemed that we couldn't go anywhere without waiting for a train.
  i kinda liked trains, but it wasn't any big deal.  
  Max of course loves trains,
even notThomas trains, and we seldom get stopped by them.  There are plenty on sidings near us, but that's not the same as waiting with a front row seat while they pass.
  This week, we were running a bit early as we went from Miss Tutor to "Company A," so i took a longer route.  We've never waited for a train here, though we've seen several pass as we approached the crossing.
  This train was a jackpot of trains!

   i hadn't even known ithe circus was in town.

Note, 2/21/2017: This was a more significant occasion than we realized at the time.  This tour is the last for the circus.
Lessons from Ringling Bros Demise - Hal Sirkin for Forbes

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