Saturday Sisters: Rebekah Again

  One of the first Saturday Sisters which i did was about Rebekah's failure to always put God first.  Lately
i've been listening to my first Christmas album of the season, one of the parody band ApologetiX, and found myself drawn to this song.
           Lyrics to ApologetiX' Christmas Night
           Christmas Night video
  This somehow reminded me of Rebekah and her gold.
  But, you say, Rebekah didn't have any gold.  At least, when she first enters the story.

Rebekah's Gold

  When Abraham's servant came to her district, he prayed that the right girl bride for his master's son would not only give him a drink of water when he asked, but also offer to draw water for his camels.
  Thirsty camels.  Camels that hadn't had any water for awhile, and would drink gallons and gallons of it.
  Rebekah was that girl.
  She gave him water.  He gave her gold.

Rebekah's water.

  Water is a very ordinary substance, like our lives.  Most of us are just everyday people.  
  She gave him water.  He gave her gold.
  Was Rebekah a crazy girl?  She: 
  • helped a stranger
  • accepted gifts from him
  • brought  him home
  • agreed to travel with him to 
  • marry a man she didn't know
  He gave her gold.  Her brother was entranced by the gold, but Rebekah knew that this servant's master was blessed by God. 
  She had at least an inkling of the blessing this stranger was offering her, and she wanted it.


 Our water.

  In our everyday lives, we can offer ourselves to Jesus.
  The gold He gives us probably won't be yellow and glittery, but it lasts.

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