Almost Wordless Wednesday: Reconfiguring

The green pencil is the length the blue slate and white were when i started my session. Actually the white went down in more places than the slate blue, but it broke continually for me as i sharpened it.  Likewise, while i didn't use the light blue that day, i had used it a great deal over several months.  It hasn't broken for me yet, though it is harder to get it to hold a point than my Faber Castell ones.
   A few weeks ago, i shared a bit about my experience with the Prismacolor pencils. 
 Today i've got photos of the new pencil case arrangements.

For some time, i've had to take both big cases to travel.  Now, i've tried enough pencils to have preferences, and,got my most used, preferred pencils all in the same case. *
These might still travel sometimes, or temporarily get rearranged, depending on the project.  Most of them are good enough to keep for extras, but some are really bad about breaking.  The Coloursofts are really decent pencils, better than Prismacolor in terms of sturdiness, but personally i prefer a slightly harder, thinner, and oil-based colored pencil
Another "page" of Case A.  This is perhaps my second favorite brand, and i'm still trying to determine which colors duplicate the Faber Castell colors.
* OOPS!  Anyone catch my goof on the photo?  That's a short Prismacolor Mineral Orange in about the middle of the lefthand leaf, one of my favorite colors in the less-favored brand.  6/15/17

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