The State of Our Corner of Life Today: Making Haste Slowly

Photo from Miss Tutor's wedding, where Max, Boom, & i enjoyed dancing
  Some up, some down.
  i've started the process
of finding Max a new speech therapist & getting voc rehab.  With both, it's a matter of callbacks now.

New Speech Therapist

  i decided this time to go with an institutional therapist through the same hospital Max's doctor works with.  They need his referral, hence the callback.  That should come any day now, or else i will need to call them, or remind the doctor's office.
  Sigh.  i HATE making calls.


  i have to say today's is the only pleasant contact i've had with them.  (Regarding Max, anyway.  They were quite pleased to work with me for months until they realized that i wasn't a displaced homemaker, and wasn't after just any old job to have an income.) 
  First i was told to call them two years before Max was scheduled to graduate.  VR said, no, that's too early; call back his senior year.  So i called then, and was told, this is too early, call back the last semester.  When i called at that point, they told me, once again, it was too early; he had to be out of school, each time with the attitude that i was stupid for trying at that point.
  But today the person said i should expect to hear via phone or mail, within 10 days, when our appointment will be.

Valerie Applications

  i've applied, at a friend's insistence, for a job i'm not technically qualified for.  Seems the application won't go anywhere, because of that technical nonqualification and the all-ruling computer.  People who know both me and the job tell me i would be a good fit, better than the batch of applicants who are showing up, but, there is this paper trail thing.
  i'm also putting together a packet to submit to teach at a spring miniconvention of the Society of Decorative Painters.  It's a fun process, i've never done it before, and i'm learning a lot, whether i'm accepted to do any of these classes or not.

Surprising My Doctor

  Did you know that people can have more than one condition at a time?  My doctor figured that because we had a good diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, there was no need to pursue a diagnosis of anything rheumatological.  But my symptoms seemed more to match the cold, tingling that my dad complained of than typical carpal tunnel complaints, plus, vascular complaints are the common pattern in my family medical history.
  The doctor decided to humor me with a blood test.  Which came back completely normal except for the rheumatology number.
  i'm awaiting a callback from that doctor too.

Change: The Only Constant

  Actually, i'm awaiting one less callback now.  i just spoke to the new speech therapist.  We will meet her Friday afternoon.
  Progress.  i try not to beat myself up for not doing everything all the time, but it does happen.
  Maybe it's time to reward myself with breakfast.

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