A Question for You About a Car

  We eventually sold the Nova. It was
about 11 years old.  A friend bought it for her son' s first car.  Then MyGuy selected
. a little 4 door compact for me, and later i chose a Corolla Wagon for myself.
  That served us well while the kids were small, then we needed something to acomodate the big men they were growing into.
  i wasn't ready to stop driving the wagon, my all-tme favorite of all the vehicles i've had.  It seemed to make sense to keep it for me to drive when i wasn't carting young men, but MyGuy insists it's not so. We briefly tried to sell it privately, which leads to the question i'm actually asking.

 The person who seemed most interested in it ultimately decided not, because "it's not what you want for your daughter's first car."

  Any idea what that might mean? Maybe, something cool,like a 2000 Nova equivalent?  i am totally not tuned into cool, but i've always felt way cooler, or at least more me, in the Corolla than the Nova.
  Or maybe it was about something where the seats wouldn't accomodatingly lay flat?
  Love to hear your opinions: what do you want in a daughter's first car?

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