Another Post about Commenting

  Usually it's weeks in between someone trying to leave a comment on the wonder-full blog.   
  i would like to converse with ya'll, but it seems
that i only attract spam comments. 
  Today (yesterday, i suppose i should say at this point!) there were some half dozen comments Awaiting Moderation.
  All of them flagged Spam.
  A couple of them i MIGHT have passed in other circumstances.
  If they'd been signed with something that looked like a real name, not Anonymous.
  If they had not looked entirely too much like comments tacked on to "Hey look at MY page!:  
  If they said something of actual substance.  Most of the comments, deleting was a no-brainer, but these two, while complimentary, were quite vague.
  So, you who bookmarked, my site, thank you.  i am truly sorry that i needed to delete your spam.   Let me see you as someone real, tell me how what i'm saying affects your thinking or actions, ask me a question.  You may well be someone i want to know.  But from that comment, i can't tell.

Here's an article with tips about how to be a Nettiquette wise commenter.

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