Dollar Eye Pops

Driving me crazy. . .

Max's latest thing obsession is new car.   
  He wants one of his own to drive.  Or at least a new family car.
  Not happening.
  We did buy some new furniture with inheritance from Aunt Mommy's SisterinLaw.  This is the 2nd time in over 30 years we've done that - usually we just accept what other people are done with, & keep it until it's totally unusable.
new couch and the chair we tried to match, over 10 years old, our only other upholstery purchase
   After days of going round & round, i wrote out the chart above.  Not that i'm that good with numbers, but it sort of gives the idea.
  Boy, did his eyes pop.
  Then i set him up with looking at car images on the computer & we had popcorn.  
  Contentment reigns.
        For awhile.

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