Wrapping Up Christmas: How Our Holiday Has Been

Home Front News
  • Those of you who drive by here will be glad to know that we've FINALLY made the deal to get our garage roof fixed  rebuild.  It's been in the works since Thanksgiving, but the recent storms bumped us down. People with the roofs of their homes damaged take precedence.   No idea how the recent winter storms have affected our place in the lineup, but it's happening.

Max News
  • The good news is, he didn't respond "Oh well" to any gifts.
  • We need to extract his gift cards so that he can use them.  They're hidden somewhere in his room.
  • And i don't want to talk about the incident at the bookstore.  It seems to have arisen from his missed seeing the clerk scan his purchase.  He wanted to make sure that happened, but didn't have words to convey that. Max  felt really sad afterwards.  But it was rude, scary, and exactly the sort of thing that gets people banned from places. 
  • He's decided the only thing he wants is a new car. Of his own.  Preferably a red Ford.  It doesn't matter how many times we tell him it's not gonna happen, and why it's not.
  • And he's on about "graduation" again.  i think he really enjoyed graduation.  The staff at his school really lavished attention on the grads.  You can do that with 10 graduates.  When i figured out that was the deal, i wrote a double-sided notebook page about what graduation means.  He has a long way to go to graduate again.

Valerie's News
  • The sleep study my insurance denied in January, they approved in early December.  Now i'm awaiting the arrival of my new mask via whatever provider they chose - hopefully it hasn't gotten buried in the snow or blown off in the wind.  Apparently my particular problem, however, remains unsolved, because the setting that was determined to be right should be covered by the intelligent machine, which can calibrate itself from 4 to 20.
  • i love, love, love my TempurPedic TemPurComfortPillow, whichMyGuy gave me for Christmas.  i know i need the new calibration too, but i've actually remembered dreaming since having that pillow, & that hasn't happened for a long time.  Honestly, with $5 pillows, you don't even get what you pay for.

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