i think we understood you!

  Like many of us,
with & without special needs, Max has a weight problem.  You may have noticed it in the few recent pics of him that i've posted.  Runs in the family, something most of us are dealing with.
  In February, the psychiatrist prescribed V---, approved for a different condition, but also is used "off-book" for appetite suppression in patients with autism.  He said to come in again after Max had been on it a month.
  We went the full round of appeals and were denied.
  The expert at the national referral board has written a paper about autism, so she knows all about drug interactions in the condition.  see comment in image
  Max's primary physician prescribed an appetite suppressant.  i use it, pulsing on & off, and it's given Boom moderate success.
  As we attempted to work on paperwork for a fitness, class, Max seemed to be in "Yes" mode.  Do you have a heart condition? Do you have chest pain, with or without physical activity?  How about bone or joint pain?
Yes, in fingers.  Do you experience dizziness or lose consciousness?  Everything Yes.
  Well, maybe.  How am i to know?  But it is concerning.
  Today we visited the psychiatrist to see where to go from here.  Max has lost 4lbs in the last month on the appetite suppressant - and for the first time indicated his meds aren't working right.
  The  doctor consulted his Physician's Desk Reference, and decided , based on the typical side effects of the ned medication, we're looking at stomach upset, or constipation.
  Actually, that does seem likely.
  The primary physician concurs.  He thinks we can wait until the next scheduled appointment, in about a month, to check Max, but if we wish, we can stop the appetite suppressant at any time, or switch to a product conatining the same drug plus something to calm the innards.
  MyGuy and i think for now we'll push veggies and water, at least until the end of the trial period.  Heart problems are not common in our family, at least compared to digestive ills.
  And there is that "yes mode" thing.
  Watch Max carefully, you betcha.
  But way to go, Max, for letting us know everything isn't like you want!

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