Wordless Wednesday: Big Fence, Little Dog, & Other "Tail-less"es

 Once we invited a clown to Max's birthday party.  He told us
it was funny to see "such a small dog in such a big fence."  though the small dog thing WAS handy, back when 5year old Max saw Puppers' heartworm pill and confused it for his own.  (80-lb boy, 20lb dog, though the pill would've been harmless anyway, so both pediatrician & vet said.)
The poem was posted on Corgi-L back when i was a member, maybe 10 years ago.  i would be happy to share the author/parodist's name if someone tells me - i didn't take it down at the time!  (and Corgi-L is THE place to find out about these great critters!)

Have you noticed that Puppers' color is slightly different, stronger & blacker, in puppy pics?  i was so shocked when she started "changing," but it is normal.

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