Wordless Wednesday, a little late: hand surgery progress

August 24, about six wks postop - yesterday my primary provider opined that it's healing well.  Consultation with surgeon next week.
  i should've researched the procedure at least a little before it was done.  Postponing it 20 years, i surely had time.  My motivation might 've been have helped if EVERY brochure, etc, i came across didn't start with diagrams & photos of what was going on inside.
  My own postop instructions were four lines long, plus "Call us any time" (during business hours, of course.)
 The spoken instructions included driving home, and resuming all normal activities within three days.
 Tthen when i did call, the first reaction was that OF COURSE i shouldn't have been on the keyboard at all for several more weeks.
  For some reason i haven't brought any more questions to my surgeon's office.  (Yes, the survey they sent me through the mail heard about my experience.)

  Here's a site i should've looked at in-depth.Postoperative Carpal Tunnel Surgery Care, on ehow.com
And this one was quite helpful when i was most depressed about the whole affair: A Self-Employed Medical Transcriptionisst Blogs Her CT Experience
Workstation Design Advice (sketch at bottom of page)

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